Saturday, September 24, 2011

KSU Wildcats at Miami: College Football After the Equinox at Willie's in Manhattan

Three touchdown videos below--There was food galore, delicious cocktails, and points on the board. Willlie's Bar and Grille and the Irish Pub Down Under always please.

 The first half was pretty much for K-State football fans.
Amber the wait(don't sue me)roid made a pot 'o coffee just for me.
To put my Baily's in.

 And the sweet and beautiful Whitney Snyder was in the house, with a positively Phine young man we wager is her new Fiance....

Here is Bill Snyder showing off his ability of Bilocation...

bill snyder watches bill snyder

ksu coach bill snyder watching coach snyder on tv

a new look
Here are videos of the first three (heh) touchdowns
from the wildcats.
touchdown 1 shows the crowd from KSU in the florida stands:
click twice to view large on youtube

touchdown three with a funny airshovel pass:

And some pics from Willie's on Seth Childs near the Movie theatre.

unhappy miami hurricanes

Al Golden not pleased
"... You get a 12-point underdog’s neck under your boot at home, you’re supposed to stomp it. Not let it bite you right in your favoritism. Somebody forgot to tell Kansas State it was the bootee. So the dog Wildcats just reared right up and slapped Golden’s new program in the kisser. Rudely.
28-24. People could blame UM quarterback Jacory Harris, who couldn’t get the ball across from 2 yards out with 49 seconds left..."  Read more:



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