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The Mentalist 4 Premiere: Do you have any tea? (fail) UPDATE

Music update feb 2015 HERE

4.1 scarlett ribbons    Oh, sadness. This premiere was coming off of one of the best cliffhangers. This show had pizzaz and a wonderful mix of humor, realism, fantasy, imagination, and timing.
They blew the timing in this season 4 premiere.
OK I take it BACK. I just watched
the episode again. New comments at end of post.
The Mentalist post 1 re music HERE  
Post 2 re sociopath, red john, tyger HERE
I was SO ready for at least a half season-long working though 
of this incident.  With the details! give us the details.
We wanted to see a few hands of poker in the pokey. we did not even get one! We wanted the team to show its abilities in The Tracing of the minions of Red John who made it look like there was no gun or phone; the unraveling of the RJ network, the obtaining of the Million Dollar bail, even this premiere episode could have been worked into it. The Righteous Anger of Grace!
 But to Wrap It Up!? NO NO!! bad dog.

Biggest gaffe:
No one who watches TV can get past the unrealism of a murder trial that happens within weeks of the event. No one!
Oh, sadness.
HERE is one writer who understands: 
Swamp of Boredom writes: " far as the legal repercussions, over in 42 minutes. Jane had the quickest murder trial in legal history. Lisbon was still wearing her arm sling so, let’s be generous and say she wore that for 6 weeks, though in reality, probably only a few days passed. Where was the media frenzy? Where was the snail paced court system? This is California, after all. Those are two hallmarks of California justice...."
Actually, this lengthy post from swamp of boredom says most of what i wanted to say.
Even like, Lisbon never looked better; Red John will go after her; the inconsistencies of how the team dealt with the aftermath...
In a couple scenes of Lisbon and Jane- i thought, this is the sexiest couple on tv. But when i saw they were going to wrap this up in one episode, i yelled, NO! Make him be dreaming!
I had almost hoped that when he started talking about how the killing did not really resolve anything for him, he would WAKE UP from the dream, still in prison...and realize perhaps he did not want to kill RJ anymore...
I am not pleased about this. 
 i have decided to make T-shirts that say:

I want to be like Cho.
 i wanna be like CHO

Iwannabelike CHO

OK I CHANGED MY MIND; after the Blinking Red Light episode on November 3 HERE

Yes, I wrote "All is Forgiven" after the next episode.
But as I watched the rerun of this episode last night (July 2012) i restructured my paradigm. heh,
First of all, this show is not meant to be a Law and Order.
 I realized that i needed to love the show, which i do, on ITS terms not mine. Yes there is a bit of a comic book pace to the show. Why argue? So what? I can go down to the depressing Real Courthouse here in town and watch real murder trials, if i want to stretch justice over three years, if i want the soul-crushing reality of real-life justice where no one looks like Lisbon or patrick...
Second-- actually, First of all is enough.

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  1. Saw a Criminal Minds rerun last week and I frankly do not understand the lust in the mix of Sex and Murder or whatever word you call bloody rampages of a couple of young married people... since then i have again seen other TV episodes or ads for- that are themed with the intertwining of sexual act and blood lust of killing.... what is this phenomenon? I used "Google" and found nothing - but i have no access to EDU Journals..any thoughts? or its off topic here?