Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Mentalist Blinking Red Light: All is Forgiven

There are already plenty of long-winded courtroom procedure shows, Although what i was asking for in the season 4 premiere would have been lovely . Tonight's show says, Forget the tiny excruciating layers of real-time reality-based detail, forget reality regurgitation, Let yourself read the fun sexy crime novel, have some fun, keep it moving, and enjoy the plotline like a surfing expedition.

As you watched the final 10 minutes of Blinking Red Light, as you heard Patrick Jane allow, nudge, ignite the conflagration of the San Joaquin Killer by opening the space for him to Insult Red John--did your skin crawl? Did you get a chill? Was there ANY doubt about what you would see as you turned that corner with Jane, into the big crashing wave?!

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(end of season three TV teaser
The Sociopath, Red John, Tyger Tyger HERE
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  1. Wowsza. my favorite episode in a LONG while.....

  2. Not only did i get a chill, both of us got goosebumps for a solid minute. Very well done, Mr Baker...

  3. Apparently this ws the second mentalist that simon baker directed. i liked it more than most.