Saturday, November 5, 2011

Note to Self: But What Does It All Mean?

The first post on this blog was made just over 2 years ago. Recently, after pondering the posting over these years
of numerous atrocities, of the human's inhuman behavior,
of stories too sad to bear;
of stunningly beautiful acts of nature, the goodness of Goodness, and a whole host of posts in between, i had an inspiration to analyze, using a bit of Freud and a generous dose of Jung, and others, what i have written.
that is,
go back
Go Back to the posts and revist.
Written why? Why posted publicly, and to what effect?

There were 3 primary reasons for the blog, i will mention in a bit.

Here was the first post

If Men
(and i use the word as synecdoche,
meaning all Humankind)
would behave as well as good Dogs,
I would be out of a job...

Beauty Dog pic
from "calendar i love" HERE

For now, i need to go work on Darcy's Run, our attempt tomorrow to help those women, children, and men in the Congo (warning pain ahead)
who are butchered after they are raped, and need organ reconstruction by the Panzi Hospital.
 to help our very own SANE SART nurses here in Manhattan Kansas. The Run Against Rape II is renamed Darcy's Run, named after a student who was one of the so called Manhattan Serial Rapist's crime victims.
She is fabulous, fine, brilliant.
Like the weather and the company will be tomorrow at Ahearn Track.

love and kisses,

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