Saturday, November 12, 2011

Penn State and Joe Paterno's Biggest Sin Isn't in Showing Mercy; It's In Allowing the Malignancy to Live On.

Are you a hypocrite or would you call the police on your best friend Bob or your brother Jim or your dad, upon catching them in the act of an immoral felony?
Do you Destroy a man? Everyone's pointing fingers; are you squeaky clean? What do you let slide? Your brother who deals drugs in a neighborhood, a son who beats his wife in front of the children--you are calling the police,
Or do you intervene, call a family meeting, confront the guy, etc etc.
If you spare a man, if you excuse a woman because of friendship, love, contextual circumstances--fine. But concomitant with that mercy is the responsibility to take custody. YOU are in lieu of the confinement of jail bars.
There must be an end to the behavior. No contact with children, for example. 'While i will not destroy you, it is now my responsibility to make sure you never never even have a chance to fall again.'

So if we abhor the first case of mercy (particularly if given by someone else) when there are traumatized victims involved, we simply Will Not Allow the freedom for the behaviors to continue. There is no  logic, love, justice or meaning in that. There must be a deep heavy sense of the weight of Godness--I'll keep your evil quiet, but you gotta be sorry and stop doing it.

being generous,
Whatever acts of mercy occurred at Penn State-- when
the "rape of a boy"
"inappropriate abuse"
"shower horseplay"
as the cover-up moved up the chain--
Paterno and others
did not corral and quarantine the filthy mutation of
taking pleasure in the destruction of innocence.

[And if you believe in Soulless Evolution, should you not be advocating for the euthanizing of such mutant globules--these troublemakers? If we are just lovely collections of coordinating atom clusters, why not excise the freak ones? Not "good" or "evil" as evolution would have it, i understand--just whatever the Jew du Jour is-- in  Cambodia, the intellectuals; in Germany the Jews and homosexuals, in China's wombs, the females-- the ottoman's Christians, the Taliban's Strong Women (you get the picture).
Just curious. ]
Full Grand Jury Evidence HERE


  1. Guess Im a HypocriteNovember 13, 2011 at 2:35 PM

    Well, I thought about it and your right. I would not call the police on my best friend. But I would have stopped him, and threatened him, and told his wife. Sheesh.

  2. three of three people i asked said the same

  3. Actually had this conversation with my parents last night - If we were sitting on our porch and we saw our next door neighbors (maybe our best friends or family) dragging a teenage girl inside with the intent on being a sex slave for them, would we intervene? Or does gray area get in the way? I would most certainly speak out against all of the above if I knew of something happening and I would hope that there would be others like me to do it. Call the police, confront them, invervene...DO SOMETHING! Sometimes the average individual is the only one who can stop it, or at least try. Trying is still doing something. It's not rocket science!

  4. Standing around and watching an injustice happen is as evil as doing the injustice. Take action and stand up for what is right!

  5. Agreed. By the way, there is not a real cure for pedophelia.