Friday, November 11, 2011

K-State Men's Basketball versus Charleston Suthern 11.11.11 at Bramlage Video

Enjoyed the game last night (except for ONE PART **--)
i have
some video of the warm-up, and of the action in the second half.
You can watch these larger on youtube by clicking on theyoutube icon...

Here is some second half action:

Here is a K-State Steal: turn up the volume

Here is some warm-up:

and more here:


At the KSU men’s basketball game last night,
during the chant where the Crowd yells,
 “We…Are…Wildcats!” a large section of students near me were adding a four-syllable obscenity in between, yelling at the top of their voices,
 “We Are The M…..F….Wildcats!” Sadness for the four children standing in front of me (always sit behind tiny peeps at a BB game…)
Why can’t they just be Wildcats? Why do the have to be M..F.. Wildcats?

I wish, when the other team was introduced, the Kansas State University Student Body would find clever ways to react. What if the entire crowd fell dead silent but clapped politely?
What if when KU comes to play basketball here, when each player is introduced, we all yell, “Good luck Brian!” or “Hello Jimmy!” That would do more to freak them out than yelling snotty stuff anyway...

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