Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State Students Riot Why? Rape of Children? No...Paterno? Video...

The football coach, the beloved, sainted football coach, who knew there was criminal activity (rape and sexual assault of minors) going on and "wish [he] had done more"--was let go. The students riot.

gotta be kiddin me.

Read the actual crimes HERE

Child sex trafficking, Rape of Entire Villages, Superbowl quarterbacks getting away with rape more than once--
we have events to get students involved in these global and local atrocities and they are barely attended-


Massive Famine in the East

Rape used against men in Uganda,

Slavery all over the globe;

You've got Insane Maniacs running the Congo
Voices of Artists silenced by those we
do business with and Kiss the ring,

but by golly, do not let this man retire early or i will srsly put down my ipad and iphone and lapwear and Laminated protest sign and tip your van over!

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  1. If you read the grand jury testimony you will flip. It is disgusting and evil.