Friday, September 3, 2010

Wildcat Football: UCLA and the Wildcats, Streakers at the Stadium, and Sweetest Fridays-Fall 2010

(To see the wild stormclouds in Snyder Family Stadium  CLICK HERE)  
Coach Snyder and the Wildcats have a big task ahead this year.
It starts in a major way this weekend--
and Puleez
remember, this is a rollicking good time,
 a game played for love and money,
 but not a thing
 to lose your life and limb over. (Football versus Somalia HERE

Nebraska HERE     KU HERE
Streaker take down by the Ump
A. Don't be an idiot:  K-State's Sims Allows Ump to Take Down streaker
 (click to enlarge.)

willeigh wildcat
Everything that looks cute is not neccessarily so:
(use your head)

(why students fail HERE)

i have to go look up what is a bruin.

just kidding.

Texas Tech versus Wildcats 2011: HERE
Goood Kittays!
Willeigh Rowwl!
Willy the wildcat

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