Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Fruits of the Mystical Sex Act (with Strangers-Use a condom?)

Holy Moley. Yer kiddin me, i'm old and need to pass quietly away. I need to find a mountain and go die.
The school paper (College Level) has an editorial about since college students might find themselves having sex with strangers they should keep condoms handy.
The story is here: Collegian thursday,  9/16/10

Here is my little reply. (Perhaps they will publish it on tuesday. Perhaps i will be tarred as an extremist? no. no one cares.

Editor: Really?
Thursday’s lead editorial, Hooking Up, in the Collegian states K-Staters need to “start protecting their bodies when they are out in a social setting where they might have a sexual encounter with someone whom they are not familiar” –Holy Moley.
Forget about your heart and soul, forget about your mind and intelligence, forget about your ideals of who you are, what kind of man or woman you intend to be.

Just make sure as you wander about, without any direction or principles, that you cover your genitals with bits of plastics to lower your chances of getting diseased, from "someone with whom you are not familiar”...
Really! BTW, Did you know that 10-15% of condoms are faulty? Did you know, women, that you can pick up a sweet case of Lifetime Genital Warts even if the “unfamiliar” stranger is wearing a condom?
You can know the weight of an action by its fruits. The fruits of the sexual act are enormous. The sex act is connected with love making babies, the ultimate enjoyment of connection, the union of individuals, the procreation of the race, lifetime diseases—that is, it’s Not Just a Cup of Coffee.

College students “should be” intelligent enough to make important decisions based on their principles, using a measure of self-discipline and foresight. If you can’t handle managing this giant act, it’s no wonder I hear faculty constantly complaining about the lack of discipline and foresight in students’ academic performance.
Please inform me: Is it really the norm to act as if you are 5 years old, wantonly eating candy with your rotting, decaying teeth? Is falling onto a stranger’s genitals in accidental blind stupors typical for students? Or is the “media” painting a false picture and making it look as though this is the norm?

Is giving strangers a go at your genitals at the risk of giving them Rot so much more important than making sure the other 99% of your Self is beautiful, intelligent, extraordinary, vigorous?

Nature has a way of thinning the herd. Get smart, Fu'cryin' Out Loud.

I hope you will educate me, and start a discussion among the k-state collegian readers. I really would like to know where the norm is. 


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  1. To my dear Collegian friend,

    I am a little confused here...(my mom always told me "stay away from strangers" so please pardon my dilemma)

    what kind of a person am I if my body is not in my control and I will have to keep a condom with me because I don't know where my body will end up tonight??

    Will the condom protect me from everything? is it only sex? As Katytold mentions, a condom can be faulty!

    Will it be fun to wake up realizing that some stranger invaded my body and I will never see that person again? Is it worth remembering that one night I had sex which I totally do not remember because I was drunk? Will I be happy to look back at my life and see so many of my nights gone because of 'sexual encounters' with strangers?

    And I am not even thinking about the stranger's character and intentions!!

    I am so happy for you my dear Collegian friend, that all of your questions are answered by just having a condom in your pocket! For me, I will have to have a mind, a soul and a personality to be with my body and together we make a decision! And I will still stick to my "stay away from strangers policy"

  2. maybe writing here is just preaching to the quior. this is just crAZY. WE NEED to write to the collegian and make the students who do not think this way feel supported. i was assaulted by a stranger i thought was safe. how old is the girl who wrote this peice!?

  3. i think about half of my college friends will sleep with a stranger and half wont. but i think most of my non college student friends would never do it. too risky.

  4. What I don't want to hear is ANYONE complaining about ANYTHING after they do something so risky. Rapists look like and are theguy in the bar, the guy at the party. How did girls get so free with giving anyone access to the inside of their bodies? First of all, if someone is wasted drunk you cannot have legal sex with them. thats just Kansas Law. Second, why would a woman or girl, even with a condom, want strangers to do that? I have had to counsle so many of my female friends for stupid behavior. yes it is stu[pid

    You bring up a key point, that sex with strangers is so much more than about diseases. Are these people who do this living with their heads under a rock? i wish you could all go to the collegian story and leave a comment on this story because unless we talk about it, everyone thinks this is how we all act.

  6. Yeah, having a condom with you is advisable if there is the possibilities of having sexual relations with anyone. However, the author of this article doesn't address any of the emotional or psychological problems that go along with a culture that promotes "hooking up."

  7. Well, CJ, i guess my question is, how many people act in a way that this article is necessary/relevant- or, rather, how many students are sexually promiscuious with strangers? I wonder if/how many of the students feel that if the stranger is another student it is safe? Or is this Whole Conversation about 6% of the student body? (no pun intended)

  8. itz a crazy thin g. love and honesty will not exist/......