Saturday, September 11, 2010

Put 9/11 Behind Us? I'm Going to Have to Go A Bit Mad and Say

    the anniversary of 9/11 HERE
Are we to forget the history that is hurtful?
I had a student here tell me he was offended that i had a picture of Adolph Hitler on a bookmark that said, "Be Nice to Each Other"
He said- "what if a Jewish person sees this? i'm not even jewish and i'm offended."
I told him
 that Jewish folk do not want us to forget Hitler.
 That as a college student, he is obligated to look at Hitler. That we do not fear history, the truth, and open discussion.
He left unconvinced.
These pictures represent events that are unfathomed.
Human hatred for one another and violence: what is your explanation?

The Plane hits on 9/11

I am still tring to encircle it.
Along with many other things:

 If you want conspiracy: A site i just found, when i wanted to see the timeline:
I haven't read it all yet...

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