Sunday, September 26, 2010

Is Aggieville Safe? Get Educated, Get Smart. Life in 2010 is a Jungle.

Who can you trust?
When can you relax?
 (Remember, 1 in 10 men
and maybe 1 in 30 women
are high in the sociopathic trait.) 
(or larger HERE ) is a video of
 4 women who attended a K-State event,
(Miss Black and Gold) then went to Buffalo Wild Wings for Dinner.
This vid shows what we encountered as we left dinner and walked to our vehicles.
 Sirens, ambulances, drug deals, vomiting, and the constant harrassment of unknown men.
I admire and frequent many businesses in Aggieville.  It is generally a great collection of folks. Varneys, for example, and some bar owners, and the Aggieville Business Association ae working to promote a safe environment.. BUT There are a few bars/bar owners who do not seem to care about what happens to those they serve. Add that to the sneaky manipulating woves in sheep's clothing, the dark, and alcohol, and you have the perfect mix for trouble.

All I'm saying is, get smart.
Aggieville stories from
K-State Men and Women: HERE and HERE

I swear!
Why Can't we all get along??

Ok, this blog has many stories throughout.
 Brave women have contributed their own experiences
of hurt, trauma, betrayal, and
 healing, friendship, and growth.
Here are links to some of them:

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