Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Daily News in the KC Star Any Given Day

The Ugly File.

Well, when you start reading
the NEWSpaper after an absence, it can fill you with the gut wrenching puking mindblowing sadness / incredulity that humans actually Chose to treat other living things in deliberate acts of creative cruelty you thought could only be imagined by cranked-up hotZine writers.

But no.

Two good brothers shot up and stuffed in a shopping cart, left in an abandoned house to die, probably because they chose college instead of banging/dealing;
a mother shooting herself dead since her 9 year-old daughter refused to do it (that ought to teach her)
and on
and on.
Ok. Toe in water; weekend for holiday;
go get a cool slice of melon and try to remember why.
Here is a pretty picture

 for some balance. (Once Chili learned there were shrimps given out for jumping the fence he couldn't stop jumping morning til night... heh)

Konza Prairie Dog has little wings on her back feet. click to enlarge)

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