Thursday, January 6, 2011

Poetry to Understand Haiti from Kwame Dawes on PBS

This is worth listening to. A Journalist that needs poetry to make the point,
now that i understand. Kwame Dawes

{I do not understand the squandering
of all the good will and money sent to Haiti
by millions who ASSUMED that "those in charge" would Make It Happen.
The recent Hurricane threat
brought embarrassing attention to the lack of efficient response to the quake.}
[It reminded me of the death of Mother Theresa right after the death of Princess Diana. If we were to honor the Princess for her human rights work (no, not her beauty, celebrity, scandals, charm, etc,--it was her human compassion!) then we logically, MUST honor Mother Teresa as well. The networks had a t rick played on them by some Higher Power. and that was what the hurrican bearing down on the UNFINISHED or unstarted? work of Haiti.]
 Yeah, i know, get over there and help or shut up.
Ok i will shut up. But listen to this guy! FABulous.
His poems are made into auditory/visuals that are wrenching.
Here is one.
    More on Haiti HERE and  HERE
There is another poem on the website; this clip below is the interview first with the Poem, Mother of Mothers at just after 7 minutes.

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