Thursday, January 27, 2011

Martin Luther King's Speech at K-State in 1968 Found: The Dreamer Speaks Again

Pictures and Videos, including the tape of the 1968 speech, The Future of Integration, will be posted below.
The men who were with Dr. King, here at Kansas State University 43 years ago, were here for lunch today!
Mr. George Haley, Mr. Homer Floyd, Dr. William Boyer (livecam),
honoring Galyn Vesey--click on pics to enlarge.

 It was a packed house- over 300 attendees.

Click pics to enlarge

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The next generation

Dr. Myra Gordon and Rev Jim Spencer

Dr. Carla Jones

Dr. Kathy Greene, Dr. Linda Morse, Dr. Suzzane Leuker

Pretty People at the Martin Luther King Celebration Lunch,
2011 who listened to the 1968 speech he gave at Kansas State University just 3 months before his assassination.
Audio/video of speech added here later today...

Dr. Ruth Dyer and Galyn Vesey
Trying to avoid the paparazzi

Dr. Myra Gordon is pleased.

More to come--

Here is the speech, recorded in the room, posted in 7-10 minute blocks on youtube.

embedded below

More to come-it takes a while to get these up on youtube

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