Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Be Nice to Each Other (cyberbullies on facebook)

"Because no one liked her" was the awful reason one bully gave for treating a girl in an obscene way*: First they created a fake account on facebook, then photoshopped a high school girl's face onto obscene pornographic images. Why are our children acting like this? I think you know.

today show story and video
"ESTERO, Florida — Two teenage girls have been charged under Florida's law against cyberbullying after authorities say they created a Facebook account in a classmate's name and posted a faked nude photograph of her. The Naples Daily News reports that the 16- and 15-year-old high school students were charged Wednesday after a lengthy investigation into two Facebook accounts created in April. They each face a felony charge of aggravated stalking under a 2008 law passed after a student suicide blamed on bullying...
Authorities say the victim was ridiculed by classmates after the pages became active.
The teens have been ordered to serve 21 days of home confinement and will be arraigned on the charges Feb. 8.


* for example, nina mandell writes, "Another picture on the fake Facebook page showed the victim's head with her mouth opened next to an adult male's erect penis, according to the police report, with another lewd comment.Police became involved after a sheriff assigned to the school was notified of the incident. After speaking with numerous students, he called the FBI's Innocent Images Task Force in April.
Two weeks later, the sheriff received information that another Facebook account was created of the victim, with similar art.
While the girls claimed it was all just in good fun, the victim didn't quite see it that way.
"The victim was subjected to numerous incidents of teasing and ridicule for an ongoing period of time as a result of the fictitious Facebook account," investigators wrote in the report.
Even while facing charges, the alleged bullies seemed to have no regrets.
When asked by her mother, in front of police, what would possess her to do such a thing, Wynn reportedly replied, "Because nobody liked her."

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