Friday, January 7, 2011

Stan Brock's D-Day plane airlifts elderly Americans to help in Haiti

Audacious. This guy with an old WWII (a C 47) plane is determined to help those in Haiti who are beyond the roads. Elderly folks (one with a recent hip replacement) from Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Arlington VA are parachuting in to help! They cleared their own airstrip, Fu'Cryin' Out Loud!
Here is the story: (full story this sunday night on dateline...

Ann Curry and Haiti Photo album is HERE

HERE is the local article from Arlington Catholic Herald.
MORE on Haiti.

Warning: pain alert.


And, in case you are not moved by the nice story at the top,
here is a
 mean terrible one:
(read all views,
from catholic churches to anarchists to right and left wings
to high schoolers, don't you think?)

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