Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Sociopath Among Us (Two)

OK.       (Previously, on this channel, Sociopath Among Us (One) )

Conventional Wisdom was,
that there was about 1 possibly 2 in a hundred men
who were at troubling high levels of
sociopathy. Far less than that for women.
That is,
once or twice in a hundred different meets with men, an individual was likely
to encounter  a Terrible Thing   -- a person who lacks the Best part of being Human.
However, NOW
Some (e.g., Hare) estimate that at least 5% of American males are clinically high in the sociopathic trait—Other researchers suggest that the number has risen dramatically, and that perhaps one of every ten males have elevated levels of sociopathic personality characteristics.

meaning that
roughly, there could be between 5 and 10 million sociopaths in the country—not counting women. So, if we calculate using 5 million, that’s about 100,000 for each state, just to give you an idea of the prevalence of this disorder.
There are a number of good reads about the topic:
Start with the classic by Cleckley—this book is entirely available (readable) online.
Cleckley, Hervey (1903-1984). The Mask of Sanity, Fifth Edition, 1988. Previous editions copyrighted 1941, 1950, 1955, 1964, 1976 by St. Louis: Mosby Co.

Hare, R. (1991). The Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised. Toronto: Multi-Health Systems.
Hare, R. (1996). Psychopathy: A clinical construct whose time has come. Criminal Justice and Behavior 23:25-54.
Hare, R. (1999). Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths among us. NY: Guilford Press.
Lykken, D. (1995) The Antisocial Personalities. Hillsdale: Erlbaum.

Now. How are people getting tricked by this type?
I will tell you what i know.

High sensation seeking and substance abuse HERE


  1. As far as women as Sociopaths, it can be as simple as a woman in power as per a former department head of a KSU department in the 1990's. She was quite adept at manipulation of tenured professors and began her HUNT within only weeks or less of arriving at KSU. I think The HUNT for these sociopath types is as much of the thrill as the kill. I know that even the Affirmative Action Office of KSU could not touch her and protect her victims (as students of KSU) The more powerful administration, often ( as in the case of KSU) protects these types of open sociopaths and seemingly empowers them to continue the HUNT. Shakespeare's HAMELT says it all when he called them "SMILING.. VILLIANS" I doubt that even Shakespeare could envision the nature of the modern sociopath in today's young, male, college student society.

  2. Your math makes kittens cry..., seriously how could you possibly work for an orginization of higher learning...

    btw this is in response to the OP

  3. My math is actually meant to make kittens cry.
    Well, let's see. 300 million americans more or less divided by half for gender more or less. Ten percent of 150,000,000 is 15 million; five percnt, 1 percent, etc.. Using conservative estimates we can round down. Since there is no actual figure, all is guessing anyway. Kind of like rape stats. If FBI say one in ten is reported, is that a guess or factual? Extrapolating from garbage is garbage. So "institutions of higher learning" aren't really relevant here; what is relevant is that every female (and many males) you know has been targeted, usually several times, by manipulation and violence. so, to get the conversation started, why don't you do the math for me based on the wide range of estimates provided by the research.
    incidentally, why so insulting? i take it you work at an institution of higher learning with folks so erudite they never even speak?
    by the way, you misspelledde organization.srsly