Sunday, February 28, 2010

Self Defense: Blaming (Anyone) and Theoretical truth - Do Not Stop Rape

 For a change of pace, here is an interesting website to peruse. They bring up the "folly"
  of  those who say that
a woman has a right to walk into a bar naked and not get assaulted.
(Of course, what i have said is that IF a woman walks (across campus) naked, that does NOT give anyone else the right to assault her.

Two different things.
So, i am trying to get rid of this victim blaming (which the victim does to herself, without having walked into a bar naked, but perhaps simply having had a beer with a casual friend and being drugged and raped) ---whereas
they are trying to be practical, and prevent rape, period, from the victim's behavior, hence the title, no nonsense self defense.)
So- Let us allow these two avenues--
One is the theoretical discussion of right and wrong, of good and evil, of hope and culture change and working toward justice.
The other is the real-life, practical guide to staying safe in an unsafe world.
Without considering Fairness, etc.--simply staying safe and away from criminals.
The second one is the focus of this nnsd webpage page

You might get upset reading some of the coments on this page.
however, here is the link to the domestic violence/stalking part:
which i found very useful.
and here is a lil somsin about "the rapist":
and about a SURVIVING mindset:
If you take this site as a means to educate and PREVENT crime, not a theoretical investigation, there is a lot of good material here. Here's the criminal mindset:
 Just another site to learn from, which is not quite mainstream, and worth a look. Your dad will like this.
see how generalizations provoke?
here is something from the site: 

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