Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Who, Superbowl Halftime, and Fun Photographing the TV

Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey are getting older, as evidenced by Daltrey's testicle-splitting vocal efforts, excusable A) because the music is so good, and B) dues, baby, they've paid dues and can do what they want now as long as it's about the music.
The stage/technics were SUPERB. The choice of music-- alright i guess. Pete says he was for a single song or something new; daltrey wanted a medley and that's what they did. Aftere Bettye lavette's covere of Reign O'er Me at the kennedy center honors -- so moving, it clearly blew them both away, i thought they might've opted for something new and heavy or a new version of something terrible and wonderful.
I think the medley seemed a little like, here's what we have done, remember us and how good we were?
But i found it great fun to take pictures of the TV
and see what special effects come from the rolling electrons.
These are untouched; any funny stuff is due to the tv changing picture. I have more i'll add here later.

The Who at Superbowl

NFL Superbowl halftime show the WHO
two point conversion
the who superbowl 
pete townshend the who superbowl

BTW, It's sundy night/monday morning and i am not happy about how i spent the past 3 hours.

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