Friday, February 26, 2010

peace and freedom -- (horses and dogs)

Do you make decisions
    and plans while you are in a wise mode

Learning pondering
Keeping to those earned insights and decisions later

A bit against your will

Or do you
Have a beginner’s mind each time
And allow that every single moment is a new context
And no preplanning is necessary or even wise?

That is,

Do you repeat mistakes
or learn something from them
something hard and fixed?

Did you realize red lipstick looks crazy, purple hats are loony, and never allow yourself to wear them? No
when you     feel like it     across campus, in your non-running clothing

Speak your mind out loud, making "a fool of oneself"

One time
Oh I’ll never do that again.
What is wisdom what is comfort what is fear
what is Image Management
mtodd 2007

a horse by mary todd

"Horse" by mary Todd

good spot mtodd
A Very Good Spot - mtodd

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