Saturday, February 27, 2010

everybodyseverywhere (EVERYBODY'SEVERYWHERE

If the Liberal and the Right did not each think they were Correct and in fact with Truth on their Side, they would not act with such anger, passion, disdain, cunning, arrogance, and courage.

They each of course have a Gaping Flaw and a Real Strength.

it kind of reminds me of Sternberg's work with parenting styles and the quadrant formed by two factors: Warmth/Generosity/Affection/Involvement and Structure/Discipline/Supervision/Expectations.

There is nuzzling and sweetness and purr noises and stroking and feeding and and petting and nuzzling and protecting and eating ticks and nits off backs and washing and rubbing and kissing and babytalking and encouraging and indulging and nuzzling and holding (maybe a tiny feeling of cloistersmother)

There is instruction and teaching and a giving of tools and tricks and trades and wisdoms and Lessons and discipline and self denial and truth and delay and independence and growth and denial and reward  (maybe a tiny bit of pain)

i am coming back to this later

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