Saturday, February 27, 2010

Winter Birds, Redtailed Hawks, and A Dog Who Forgets Me plus Yesterday's Moon

A day
    a funny round bright spot in the sky,
                                illuminating all the earth's stuff.
new batts in the cam.
A sweet
             Sweet dog
    who loves and is loved by me, who seems to forget who i am every time we meet.
so every time he crosses the road to see what's what, he has to go through his
 "Do I Trust You" routine.
he is HIlarious   there is a koan here.
 ( i lightened the exposure on acoupla his pics as he is so coal black detail can be lost)

Click to enlarge. the hawk pics are at my max zoom and very far away.

sweetest Red tailed hawk over native ground by mtodd

sweetest redtailed hawk from a distance by mtodd

Sweetest redtailed Hawk Flies Over Native Ground mtodd

sweetest redtail flying

yesterday's moon by mtodd

yesterday's moon by mtodd

Good Boy!

sweetest early onset dementia

wait a sec- do i know you?

Danger! intruder!

come see who's this!

Beauty Eyes.


Never mind

Red tailed hawk is BIG, Dig?

sweetest sparrows from far away marytodd
Unretouched. birds roost on burn pile across the feild

Pics from the late fall of same subjects:
sweet dementia last summer

Juvenile red tailed hawk HERE

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