Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh Really? False Accusations in Rape Trials

contradiction       FRAMED!

Defense case rested on weird logic
A woman
dragged into the suspect’s apartment
shown clearly on video
to be intoxicated on something to the point of stupor,
Has time
within 3-4 hours
to sober up
just enough to coax him
 legally into bed,
realizes that she was crazy at the Time,
(during the legal-coaxing-Time,  20-30 minutes ago)

that is,
“ Man! What was I DOING?
I now have to con the entire manhattan police department sanesartnurse hospital county attorney university worse
my dearest friends and family

my dearest friends and family
into believing
this wretched lie.
Regrettable sex. Mixed messages.
More on false accusations
 HERE and
Oh yeah.
did i already tell you she had previously filed a stop-harassing-me- complaint against him at work.
At work in a local store.
Here in manhattan, dudes.

By the way, the reason most women and men who come to my office after being sexually assaulted do NOT report rape is that they are afraid of how much it will hurt their mother. imagining the pain their father will have to endure. they cry when they consider the scene.
They put on the red shirt.

The entire defense is that she (and her little friends, too!) are LYING!

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