Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reasoning, Orphans in Africa, and the Butterfly Effect

We didn’t get the job done."

I beg to differ.
The case was fine. CA office  DID  the case.

Any reasonable person could surmise all those witnesses were not lying under oath.
Any reasonable person could see
how all that testimony formed a structure of truth,
the bits and pieces of recordable history available to us now.
The bits and pieces, fitting snugly into the puzzle, a collection presented to the jury,
that the jury might feel safe in believing the believable witnesses.
The testimony and evidence, which was obtained at significant cost to our county and to the lives of those affected. Witnesses must be brought back to Kansas. Police and detectives are off their regular duties during trial. People who have been interviewed and taped are summoned. Volunteers in Africa leave their posts to come testify to the crime. Fascinatingly, orphans in Africa rode the wave of this Butterfly Effect.
 ( This is not a sideshow. )

There was not the smoking gun?
(Which is what? A man in a ski mask jumping into the front seat of your car as you put your keys in one evening? And then Having passersby jump on him, holding him down while the police are called? Him holding a knife with the blood of sacrificed kittens?)
Smoking guns are used in murders. Some have called rape the Murder of the Soul. Others see it as internal battering, a theft, and if nothing else, answer this

Riley County Folk
Are We to be the culture

will WE be the generation that teaches our young men,
our young boys that a character of licentiousness, of bullying, of inferiority wanting to win and have what it wants?? Lessee, licentiousness, bullying, inferiority wanting to win and have what it wants. How far can one go before it is a crime?

For just this one month, can we only mention how to stop this crime by addressing the perpetrators alone?

They say because of snazzy TV crime shows, every jury wants DNA, geo-specific Micropebbles, and satellite images of the suspects' brainwave changes on disc, old barbers and girl friends and mini-mart clerks showing up from the 90's to Reveal an Astonishing bit of PROOF right at the end!

Well, ok but But we’re gonna have to pay to get all this good $tuff.

So I know after several years in my current job that the CA’s office is in high gear All the Time,
 and has a responsibility to Us, the folks of Riley County) to use our money and time wisely. So let’s give them a few million dollars to add some staff (they really do deserve it) and a few million more for a crime lab. Let’s petition State Officials to Beef up the KBI and DNA labs.
Justice is in fact delayed in Kansas due to state-wide back log and understaffing.

We as Riley County citizens/jurists must decide how far beyond reasonable doubt the cases must be proven—
those who have served on juries must say what is needed.
if we are going to rely
more on the presence  of snazzy historic bits that thermomicrovaccuums can find--
we are going to Activate the quality in humans called "Reasonable,"
then the Game has changed.

That is, if we Riley County folk
are no longer going to consider the truths we know in our own hearts, (that’s why there are 12 jurors) --if we are not going to accept that the believability of witnesses IS evidence,
if we do not get to utilize our judgement based on our past life experiences,
then the game has changed.
We should just get one of those machines that calls Tennis Balls in or out.
We will be sacrificing the word,
we will be giving up the source of


  1. Methinks you are a little biased. The young man was found not guilty by a jury of his peers.

    The prosecutors appeal for a conviction was based solely upon emotion and painting the defendant as a stalker. The defense relied up reason and facts. The prosecutor could never get his story to line up with the facts.

    Nor could he wipe the smile off the girl's face as she left the apartment building.

  2. Bias (for spectators) is actually built into cases taken to trial. The chances of cases coming to trial which are frivolous/not supported by considerable evidence are extremely low.
    My own biases (or more correctly in these cases, judgements,) come from years of working with crime victims, years of studying perpetrators, and certain other factors. 1. Logic-the truth is the truth, regardless of opinion. So if you were beaten to a bloody pulp by five men, no matter how evidence was presented in court, the truth is you were beaten to a bloody pulp. Even if you walked away from the assault with a smile on your face, and testified that it was to -escape without further assault-to save face-out of gladness to be going-due to the fact that you had a frozen smile on as you tried to slip away, no hard feelings, leave quickly-that smile would not change the truth.
    2. in my own life experience i know many people who smile through pain and sorrow, through trauma and even through hatred and malice.
    3. i have video tapes http://www.intermedia-inc.com/ of girls and women who have been drugged with rape-facilitation drugs who smile through the entire assault, which includes being burned with cigarettes, hit, punched, and cut.
    The Lie tries to explain everything, looking to find a chink in the story, and declaring that this or that one item which seems out of place disProves the truth. This is self-serving bias and disingenuous.
    The truth calmly and reasonably explains what is explainable, and reasonable folks generally recognize it. Acoms Razor, -the simplest explanation is usually the right one,- generally applies in court cases. we have tv shows where every witness is a liar and grand conspiracies are everywhere. If we cannot generally trust our our neighbors to testify honestly, but look for lying and secrets and ulterior motives everywhere, we lose out on common sense and the strengths of the human being such as reason and judgement.
    Methanks you for your comment.

  3. Thank you audiojoe... after 3 days of "evidence and testimony" put on by the CA's witnesses, a jury of 12 found the guy not quilty! Thank goodness for phone records and surveilence video... The girl was not "dragged" in, she was not covered in vomit, hair matted. Her phone was not turned off or disabled- why would the guy start randomly calling from her phone list? why didnt the P.D. obtain the text message content~shoddy police investigation.
    Why did the "victim" A.M. not call 911 upon leaving the apartment, or her friend, or her boyfriend that tried to call her 27 times (but was not angry with her?). Instead she called voice mail, and a friend in south carolina, then her friend and 30 minutes later her boyfriend to tell him "Im fine". If she was drugged ( another new theory) why was that never mentioned, how could she go right to her car in aggieville, drive home and talk on the phone? Wait, I forgot the fist bump she gave her "stalker" and the wave seen on video, then the smile. Come on.
    Should I continue? If she hadnt helped get her pants off and the act happened moments before she left the apartment, wouldnt she awaken when the pants were coming off? wouldnt there be marks of any kind where her legs were held apart? It just is NOT reasonable.
    I think the real issue is guys and girls who party hard, do things that become 'regrettable', worry about friends and family finding out and then get to telling stories instead of taking responsibility. Let's look at the issue of over indulgence in aggieville, and then regretting your actions!
    Men and women need to be smart and show a little self control in the bar setting!

  4. anon, your last sentence is true, self control is important.
    i wasn't sure if you were being sarcastic or not as i began your comment. you have no idea how crazy it sounds to say a girl would be able to uphold that type of LIE all this time with all those people. she would be a monster

  5. Taking Responsibility? How many men who "take advantage of drunken or drugged women" (also legally known as 'Rape') ever say, "You know, what i did was very bad, lacked integrity and honor, in fact,-- if any man did what i just did -- but to my own daughter or mother or nephew or wife, i would hope he would be punished legally." But no, no rapists ever come forward and say "Let me take responsibility." So few rapes ae prosecuted. It is difficult to get evidence. False reporting rates are so low and anonymous, you should talk to police officers about the rarity and the chance a woman will make her family and friends suffer through the trauma for a lie. the bits and words you bring up to show "doubt" like, "party hard" and where are the "marks" on her legs--(there will not be marks when you assault someone who is passed out, drugged, comatose, or sleeping)--are to try to provide reasons to excuse the piggish and thuggish behavior of men TAKING something without legal permission.
    Until every community realizes that MEN ARE RAPING PEOPLE A LOT we will suffer through these trials where rape MYTHS -'regrettable sex'- have more weight than an honest person, manifesting a life of integrity. testifying under oath. Sad.
    By the way, a friend of one of the jurors told me the juror said that even the defendant showed shock that he was acquitted.
    The whole courtroom gasped in astonishment. that is because the Entirety of the evidence told a story, a believable story by an honorable group of people.

  6. really? a smile? a smile as you
    --ha ha 'kay by now --inch away from your loathed assualter after you were probably drugged? found this a littel disturbing but