Saturday, September 12, 2009

Spider Web

I went North
for Family Fun Frivolity Marriage Babies Laughter. Rejuvenating.
I think i brought back a Spider.
S/he lived in the driverside external side/rearview mirror of my truck.
I would go into an office, come out and find
a newly spun web
and her
hanging about.
she was very large!
[on days when i did not drive,
she asked,
how come you never take me anywhere?]
for a week
this spider drove on the highway with me
and had tasty treats from all about town.
now all i see is the grainy imprint of
the web
left on my door.
Shall i ever wash it?

click pics to enlarge
thanks dave for closeup

 large photos:
amazing spider webs from august morning 2010 that look like CD's HERE

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