Thursday, December 22, 2011

99% of us around these parts: We Are Rich

Clean water, oh yeah baby.
Soft toilet paper, YESS!
Electricity ROCKS!
I love my little heater.
  Pets that i am not hungry enough to EAT.
A truck that works! Almost all the time!
I can go read at the library every DAY!
I can wash my dishes way better than when i am camping.
I have more clothing than i can ever wear out.
i cannot even count the poeple that i care about
they care about me too.
I can find ways to help out.
I can go to church or NOT anytime i want.
I can CLOSE my door, lock it,
         and NOT ANSWER IT!!!
I  can Go gather firewood without being raped.
Granted, going on a date or out into the scene has its risks...
But only because i don't carry my gun on a date?

Life is really Good for most of us.

if you think
there will ever be a time when there are no super rich
and no poor folk
then, you must not believe
in soulless evolution; there is no moral right and wrong rich poor better greedy kind generous wealth only passing along the genes my friend...

 So, if you are not

Joyce Rupp Christmas Blessing HERE

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