Monday, December 19, 2011

A Digital, Facebook Christmas Redux (Note to self: Face to Face and Books are Not Obsolete!)

A year ago someone made this Digital Christmas Nativity Story. In one year the nomenclature has drastically changed. [The latest is dropping out of facebook, no more tweeting, just get the chip put in your head and you can telepathically connect and "share" music...]
OK this is a cute scrapbook memory of how we learned to do digital.  Some of us kick and fight but to no avail...Better on a
large screen? HERE:

More Christmas Pictures here and HERE and here.

Me after prime rib and turkey

 Good Girl! All good things come to those ...

What have YOU done for Jesus Lately?

See my new shoes??

Pand Christmas Tree

Click to enlarge beauty

Don't forget to help others...

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