Saturday, February 22, 2014

Soulless killing of the innocents: Hailey Owens, Springfield, MO

there is so much evil going on
One is not able in any way
to document even the most heinous acts
even only the acts in one's own backyard.

after i received the Amber Alert,
 after i was on the lookout for a gold 2008 ford ranger,
for only a few tiny hours,
the little girl was found



link:  evil, bleach, pornography found in house of child killer

link:  man-arrested-in-springfield-abduction.html

Craig Michael Wood arrested


  1. I remember recieving the amber alert also on my phone, I was coming back from fort riley, late that night. I am sure that little girl is in a better place. I can only imagine what the Mother and Father of Hailey, is going through right now.

    The article mentions that three quarters of all abducted children who are slain are killed within the first 3 hours...
    This is troubling to me because it seemed that I got the amber alert pretty late, after it was found out by the local police department..Thoughts anyone?

  2. Well, she may be in a better place than his house. But Until Judgement Day, her parents will be in a worse place. On the coast these events are starting to become common. People dont see life like they used to.

  3. @AnonymousFebruary 25, 2014 at 5:07 PM

    I really do wish the best for the parents. As far as the events becoming more commen then in the past, I think it could partly be because we have so much more information that we are exposed to, at a much faster rate because of technology and social networking. It gives us the impression that more of this type of thing is occuring more than it has before.

    1. Draigo, what you say is true but for one thing: murder rates. This is the one crime that cannot be "not reported"--so while many discuss whether or not abuse is rising or merely being more reported--and whether or not there is more relationship violence or simply more people reporting it--Murder rates are true indicators of incidence.

    2. Very true. But I was trying to get at is the world has become a smaller place because of social media, so the effect on how people react when they have the news so quickly and so often. I think it has a much different effect then looking at cold statisics.

  4. It is really sad that this tragedy happened. I'm glad that she was found however, and that the man who did this thing was caught. Just imagine if he wasn't caught, how many more victims he would of had. As sad as it was, it was if this horrible event brought an evil monster out of the darkness. I thank God that he is behind bars.

    I believe Hailey is now in a better place with the Lord, and is no longer suffering. I pray that her friends and family find peace soon, as well as healing. I also pray the same for all who were affected by this event (Wood's Parents, the Springfield community, the school's, etc.).

  5. It is truly tragic when a young life is ended. I hope for the best for this family and I pray that they can find healing. Its good to see a community involved and showing support. We live in a dark place, but out of this dark place, we can learn from events like this. Knowledge of evil can help us recognize and try to help those who need saving from evil.

  6. Terribly, terribly tragic.. my heart and prayers go to Hailey's loved ones. What an eerie effect this must have left on the community and the school district that Wood worked in. I hope that the family and the community will continue to turn to each other for support in remembering this little girl's life, that was ended far too soon. May she rest in peace with the Lord.