Friday, March 18, 2011

Sweetest Fridays: Walk with a Grateful Heart

If you are not out looking for cholera -free water for your starving infant; if you are not wondering if your whole family has passed away into the ocean; if you are not being bombed by an insane crazyman or under the control of a bullying abuser:
look up and around
be nice.
 64 daily ways of peace from  A Season for Nonviolence:
( located on )
here are two:
46. Compassion
Mother Teresa implored us to “find someone who thinks he is alone and let him know that he is not.” Today, do as Mother Teresa suggests.
49. Honor
Albert Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.” Before each meal today, stop to honor all the hands that brought it to you and to bless the earth for its bounty.

it's gotta be Janie's dog,

but the bitterness of the past---
 the seasons
as a gentle wall to help you pass through pain.

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  1. I know your Fridays are for SWEET not the other 6 days of Horrors..
    I find that the Limits of Human cruelty knows no holiday of Day or season.

    As I sent a link to the 2 dog pals in Japan via the yahoo news page ( )last week:
    I find tonight that people are reporting the FACEBOOK link and Guy asking and getting CASH via Paypal - is apparently NOT helping those dogs nor did they get rescued.(I have not found proof yet)
    the NPR story(link below) - Sort of eluded to it but did NOT confirm or offer any substance- (I thought NPR was a good news organization??)
    But someone on that very story gave this link and YES I made myself watch. (can't answer why - when all I want is a new Puppy or dog to love and can not because of the cost of getting her..)

    This link speaks to another side:
    * and as you once spoke-- of these things are numerous and too many and harsh to watch: much like the German townspeople who pretended that Prison camps on the edge of their towns did not exist- so they DID NOT LOOK. Perhaps my friend's own 90+ yr old German mother, that has PSTD - saw these things and now spends her last years/days in dementia..? I have wondered this...
    Perhaps the Dogs were saved,But as this NPR story reflects the Million Dollar dog is in contrast to struggle in rubble in Japan..

    I hope someone will find.. eventually.. what the truth is.
    Until then.. I wonder why I can't have one of the puppies that were in the France News video..?
    So while the US New Media focus only on the fucking nuke plants... I say remember the people and pets of Katrina.. we will be judged on how we treat these creatures.