Thursday, March 17, 2011

Slavery Still Exists - K-State Chapter Freedom Alliance in Action Now

Change your facebook page pic March 25th! neat idea. You have read Kristen's Story:
what you gonna do about it?  Click for video details:  VIDEO OF THE PLAN

Here is a letter from Kristen
"Would you participate in our campaign?
Human Trafficking activists all over the United States have been collaborating and are having a widespread campaign to promote awareness and spark national conversation about the issue of human trafficking. Hopefully this campaign will spark individuals to take further action and get involved in the movement. Once that conversation has sparked action, we are providing participants with information to help further. K-State Freedom Alliance  is also using the pictures we take in a collage to present to SGA when we ask for sponsorships to show that students and faculty care about the issue.

All you have to do is take a picture with a sign (ours or handmade) and make it your Facebook profile picture (or send it to me) to show that you support the cause. We ask that if you choose to take a picture yourselves, that you add us on Facebook or send us your pictures so that we may have access to the pictures for our campaign. Participants may also choose to find our table outside in Bosco Plaza and have us take a picture of you. We will be outside tomorrow and Friday! We really value your support!

If you have questions about the campaign, please visit
 or our facebook page,

Could you help us spread the word and get more people on board?
Thanks, Kristen Tebow and Noelle Remy
Co-Presidents of K-State Freedom Alliance

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