Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Service Dogs are Here! The Service Dogs are here!

Today in the K-state union, noon to 1.
Assistance Dogs, Dude!
This Presentation was part of Disability Awareness Week 2011 at Kansas State University.
Click on the pic to enlarge.

The beautiful Schwan and companion...

i think this is Winslow. Gorgeous.

There are several groups who breed and train assistance and companion dogs.
Here are some pics from the event March 2011.

Everyone helping everyone:
Sign language, trainers, assistance dogs.

clcik on pic to enlarge sweetest face

Director, KSU Disability Services

Here are pics of the Incomparable Ansel III:
and, here is Ansel's blog, with more links to video and pics of this event:
and, here is another dog who was there's site: http://operationpuppyraiser.blogspot.com/



  1. The black dog for KSDS in guide harness, was the one I raised :) So good to see him, thanks for posting!

  2. The one with the purple scarf?

  3. I will read your blog; but, did you raise from a tiny pup or during the training period? So fine...