Friday, March 18, 2011

Dalai Lama Sends Love to K-State through Visiting Tibetan Monks; Gathering to Pray for Japan

Pictures and Video of the Sand Mandala do not do it justice. Nevertheless, here are some on the day that a couple hundred Kansas State University students /staff /faculty gathered to support K-State's Japanese students and all those affected. Over $2000 was donated and
the Monks prayed.
 BTW there are many many Pray for Japan Videos on youtube. Its a Global thing that we feel more connected suddenly. Thank you, Radiation.

every human, every Man who is a Man, should be walking about as if a monk.
This is not a time to be juvenile, pleasure-seeking, self-loving.
If you are Real 
If i am a Real man
Am i not through sorrow become wise?
shall we not be absorbing the sorrow of others 
shall i keep practicing my [oscar pulitzer acceptance] speech or
is it time to man up and see
What is About.
Are you fiddling on the titanic
for the enlightenment and encouragement of others
or are you just fiddling with yourself?

the Good Schwan

a couple videos: click twice to view larger on youtube.

i purchased some incense,
two cards made by tibetan refugees now in india,
here is one:

and the other: click to enlarge


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