Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Million Acts of Kindness-- Meet Bob and Nathan, Biking Across America

People contribute to the planet and to individual people as they are able, or as they choose.
Some appear unable or
choose to live a life of couch vegetation;
in the future remote controls will begin to morph out of our hands no doubt.

But the two men who have been traveling the country - by bike- and now our city of Manhattan in order to raise  awareness about the topic of domestic violence and child abuse have given up comfort, leisure and (shudder) air conditioning. They are not crazy, i think.
They are funny, nice, smart, courteous, --and
they Care About Things.
Bob and the Videographer Nathan are full of good ideas, energy, and generosity.
 But where is the Good Dog Bogart?
Check the guys and the mission out here:
and google "one million acts of kindness" for news articles and facebook page.

Actually they could be a nimble pair of Men Out On An Adventure for all we know..
Nathan tuned our guitar and made a pic out of paper!
or two more of the bonnie and clyde and clyde brothers...
one really doesn't know, does one?
(it is sadly, a woman thing. 
[the scary stories,
the stories that change our nature are all about "They trusted them.
 they seemed so nice, so great, so normal.".. 
Yet Another consequence, For men,
 of men's violence
 against women is that
women slowly have to become skeptical toward all men...)
But-that ridiculous reality aside-
What amazing stories are behind all the Good People.
this one, that one, each one, slightly veiled. 
What makes a Father so sad --violence on top of violence--that he might give it all up and try to wake folks...)
-be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle...philo of alexandria

a story and pics here in the Collegian as well.

Eternity is not something that
begins after you are dead. It is going on all the time.
You’re living in it now. ~Charlotte Perkins Gilman

nathan before he ran
 into the arms of Locks of Love


Child abuse: HERE
Domestic VIolence: HERE

More and links HERE

Wishing you Kansas November Skies to ride under.

Here is The Bus at KSU:

Thank You, Bob.

good dogs

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