Saturday, November 30, 2013

Farmer's Almanac and A Cold Winter

The Most Severe Winter since we have been predicting weather---
Say the Farmer's Almanac. Yikes!

Here was the blizzard of OZ earlier in 2013:

but here are my favorite pics of winter, after it stopped snowing, a blizzard in 2011 and the air ITSELF WAS WHITE

Cold Kansas Snows in Winter (Addendum)
(Snows is a verb.) The very air itself was white with the infused powder as several inches of glittery whitewash moved in. The first pics are untouched. Then, well you know...
please click on pic to enjoy largeness

 Kansas Snow Skyline first two pics untouched

 Cold Kansas
enhanced contrast
 Mouse Haven

Anything is Possible

in the meantime:

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