Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Blizzard of Oz 2013 Storm

Winter storm Q, or The Blizzard of Oz 2013 was certainly hyped. Now the first wave is over and we picked up a few inches-- it's hard to say since the winds are so magNIFicent here in the bowl of flint hills that we have constant and massive drifting. Some drifts in the yard are up to five feet.

The Rusty Blackbirds are here! Not quite endangered but not where they should be. (Pictures HERE)
Well, a big lovely flock came today. Over 100 or probably 200. I'll post some pics and vid later today.

(The internet is not reliable right now. I've already lost this post and was unable to connect for a while.)

They come because: I have provided a steady water and food source for 12 years. I even get a flock of yellow headed blackbirds in the spring. (Some pics HERE)

Today is a blast, everything is closed and folks are nestled in. No demands except whether to make chili or toll house cookies....

Birds i saw today: (most live here at the moment)- Several types of woodpeckers,

 two eNourmous Flickers, a small flock of robins, a large group of finches, some house finches, purple finches, and goldfinches in winter wear. Nuthatches, a Titmouse, cardinals of course, many types of sparrows. Crows, red-winded blackbirds, rusty blackbirds, geese, a hawk, Black-capped chickadee. more...
oh! a yellow-bellied sapsucker was here!! (and i have the pics...:-)

Abovei have a great pic of a red bellied woodpecker by a big mushroomy thing on the tree.

and here are a few quick shots:
rusty blackbirds in winter 2013

yellow bellied sap sucker

Blizzard of Oz Bird

birds can spell

does this snow make me look plump?

cardinal pairs


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