Thursday, October 15, 2015

German pays a fortune to kill "the biggest elephant in memory"-- poses proudly...

"Posing with his kill: German hunter pays £39,000 to shoot largest elephant in Africa for 50 YEARS - just three months after Cecil the Lion was slain..."

I am unable to say how revolting this is.

Hunting for food is one thing-- 
killing a prime, healthy animal, with awesome genes, strictly for vanity or greed or respite from insecurity---and posing proudly is a type of insanity.

Here is what a German friend of mine says:

The above mentioned and pictured conduct would be considered highly dishonorable under what is called "Waidgerechtigkeit" ("prey´s justice") in Germany.

The German hunting laws are mostly the brainchild of Hermann Göhring, who also coined what is known as the above mentioned codex for hunters. Even though only parts of it are actual laws (only single-shot weapons for example), it also entails things like respect and humbleness for the killed prey, e.g. the hunter is expected to "talk" to his chosen target prey before the shot (like a little prayer).

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Remember Raju, the elephant rescued after being chained for 50 years?

Cruelty to animals. Such sadness.

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