Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Butterfly Pictures


Over the past three weeks i have engaged in the raising of butterflies-- Black Swallowtails in this case.
Besides the pictures already posts in previous posts,
 (one is HERE and the first is HERE)
 i want to post some of the pictures of absolutely
 beautiful chrysalises-- chrysalii?
 and the butterflies as they hung to dry, and tried out their wings.

Later i will write about the philosophical, spiritual, and practical knowledge i gained. This was a very good use of my time.
I also have a lot of videos still to upload.

Here are some of the most beautiful and mysterious Chambers in nature:

click to view large

the shell of the chrysalis usually becomes transparent just before emergence...

When they come out of the chrysalis, as you saw in the previous  posts, it is very quick.
 They are all about finding a place to hang and let the wings shake out and dry.

 the wings look so small! they will walk right on your hand and look for a perch.
 the videos of emergence are here

they hang to dry for about 20-40 minutes.



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