Monday, July 22, 2013


Some would say i should get out more...
but i was out,
 sitting outside for several hours over the last few days
 in the morning, birdsongs, cool temps,
 waiting for this or that Swallowtail Chrysalis to be opened by the undaunted head of a new butterfly.

And boy do i have the photos to prove it!

not only pics of the butterflies, but also of a wren building a new nest, a baby hummer playing with a little wren, bumblebees, and all the other benefits that come with getting up early and sitting quietly outside.

Of course, i am goin to bed at 9:30...heh.

I just want to post one or two quickies; then i need to upload to the yertubes and i will post a complete timeline soon of the EMERGENCE!!.

Big thanks to my inspiring mother who knows all about this Raising Butterflies stuff..and taught me...

click on pic to view large...
wren builds a housenest

stained glass window

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