Tuesday, October 22, 2013

False accusations, false reports, Rape.

If there were as many false reports of rape as there are Rapes, the legal system would crash.

We know that there are only 5-15% of rapes reported, according to the FBI.

(I myself know that most people do not report rape.)

Of those rapes which ARE reported,
very few make it to arrest/prosecution. If you look up the stats on this, your head will indeed explode.

Juries, having been led by the media to think that most cases are "fishy" somehow, do not convict in the most common type of rape, the rape of a woman or girl by a man she knows.

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prosecutors who are
do not prosecute most of the cases, not expecting convictions.

So, what could be worse than having a false report of rape against you?! (Perhaps child rape.)
A false report of anything is horrible.
I know how it feels, and it is one of the worst things one must endure.
One must find spiritual solace, or powerful anti-anxiety meds, or go to the desert for a year.

 Those are the options.

A person who makes a false charge of rape is similar in my mind to the rapist,
That is, s/he is utterly selfish.

Wrapped up in that selfishness is
  • rationalizing why it is OK to make that false charge (mental shallowness and self-serving nature)
  • obliviousness to the unbearable pain it has caused (lack of empathy)
  • a certain pleasure in the pain of another (sadism)
  • an expectation that the person will forgive you later and maybe even start a relationship (disconnected with relationship reality and a black white, on a pedestal/in the dungeon type of thinking)
All of this points to a similar personality disorder to that of the rapist. I have written of this before:

"Sexual assault victims and those falsely accused are similar in aspects of the trauma they will suffer.

Sexual Predators and those who Falsely Report are both affected by Selfishness, need for power, perhaps an almost infantile level of ego management, and probably have "warped" personality styles (described below)."

"Personality types (disordered) that are inflexible, that leave a wake of suffering, betrayal, and confusion are an interesting area of study, because they bring together that choice of self-centered greed or gain or need of some sort which borders on or becomes evil, with the normal natural decent behavior most cultures have come to expect.   Cluster B (dramatic, emotional or erratic disorders) includes the disorders most likely to lie."

It is ALL very sad. 

I am about done writing about it. I think i say that a lot.

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  1. Wow, you are really on a roll today aren't you?..But you hit this SPOT ON!!!! If I could suggest an additional story for you. Look up the case of Brian Banks...Heartbreaking to say the least....To me there is nothing more horrific then to have an innocent person sent away for a crime they did not commit. Especially for Sex Conviction, just because what happens in prison to Convicted Sex felons, just makes me shudder to think...Anyways..Once again THANK YOU THANK YOU

    Lot of Respect.