Thursday, September 8, 2011

Women, War, and Peace: Extended Preview at KSU from PBS

"We Taliban will kill you in such a harsh way that no woman have so far been killed in that manner..."
(This is beyond sadness.)
K-State Leadership student James and others are bringing this to the Kansas State University campus before you can even watch it on TV.

watch extended preview HERE
Save the date:
Monday September 12, 2011
7-9 pm  Leadership Studies Town Hall
Free Popcorn

In Some Wars Today
It's More Dangerous To Be A Woman
Than To Be A Soldier
Hands On Kansas State.

click to view enlarged.

Created by Abigail E. Disney, Pamela Hogan, and Gini Reticker

5 part miniseries starts October 11, 2011

If you google the phrase "War Rape" you will find pictures of the atrocities committed against women. It is beyond evil. I will not publish them here.

More about women and war HERE

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