Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rape is a National and Global Problem, Even if you Avoid these 50 Stories. # 6 (gang rape

From the University of California, Santa Barbara:
Here is a link with a sad, all too often way of dealing with rape:

" ...Within the first six months at site, I learned that one of my students (she was 14 years old and in 8th grade at the time) was raped in the school bathroom afterhours by four boys. From what I understand, at least two of those boys attend the same school. That matter was quickly handled discreetly: the police were not involved, the victim received no medical attention or counseling, and the school staff did its best to keep the incident quiet. Once the fact of the assault became known, the girl’s family was recompensed by one of the boy’s family to the sum of 15,000 Baht, roughly 500 USD, as opposed to formally pressing charges. The boys, whose names were kept anonymous, continued to attend the school and after a few weeks, the victim stopped attending and eventually dropped out altogether.

The girl received no medical attention because both the local health clinic and the nearest hospital are ill equipped to handle such emergencies. Rape kits, post exposure prophylaxis, morning after contraceptives, and counseling are nonexistent.

I see her around the village and sometimes we catch each other at the weekend markets. You see the same faces every day since it is such a small town, so I cannot even begin to comprehend what she must be experiencing encountering her assaulters walking about freely..."

50 stories.

Story #1 is HERE

#5 is HERE

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