Sunday, September 18, 2011

Red Tailed Hawk After the Rain

Driving down the road i saw a hawk on the wire shimmying and shaking to dry off the rain. I know, you ask, what is this "rain" you speak of?
Birds come out and bathe and sing after the rain, i love to watch the cardinals in particular (see video of cardinal singing and cleaning click HERE)

It looked like a Red Tailed Hawk. But is it young, with no red tail feathers? I will have to investigate further. I took a couple pics and a little video. I overexposed one pic so you can see the wing pattern better. Some are large files; click on pic to view enlarged. I will post the video when i get to a faster computer to upload to youtubules. (77katydid)  HERE IS an earlier post with mature red-tail.

KSU's soaring red tail hawk HERE
I found this site to be a good Red Tailed Hawk read/pictures:

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