Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Steubenville Rape Videos and ANONYMOUS Video

The Drugging and rape of a young girl. The disgusting corruption of a town's "leaders"...
 Here are the videos of the monsters. Who taught these creatures??

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warning: violent filthy disregard for humanity.

The corrupt people in power who tried to cover this up are beyond words....

DATE RAPE DRUG Devil's Breath--Here's what you are up against:
the-devils-breath-rape-drug- scopolamine


  1. God Bless this young girl, may she be surrounded by a loving family and friends to see her through this vial act that was committed against her. I would also thank the blogger host for putting this out.

  2. This boys doesn't deserve to live here on earth anymore. They're not even regretful after what they've done. Hell is just with in their grasp now. medford oregon attorneys