Sunday, December 14, 2014

Persecution of Christians around the World

While this country suffers from the luciferian agenda of greed, lust, selfishness, mocking God, and materialism,--
 around the world are beheadings and destruction... 

"Night of Christmas Caroling Turned to Terror by Hindu Radicals in India
By ICC's India Correspondent

12/13/2014      Washington, D.C.
International Christian Concern

Christian persecution in the world's largest democracy continues to escalate as India's Christian community prepares for the Christmas holiday. In the latest incident of violence, a group of Christians were brutally attacked and beaten by Hindu radicals for singing Christmas carols in Singareny Colony of Sarurnagar in India's southern city of Hyderabad.

The incident took place while Pastor Bhim Nayak, head pastor of Banjara Baptist Church, and fifteen of his church members were singing Christmas carols and visiting with other Christian families in Singareny Colony during the evening hours of December 13. According to the Christian victims, around thirty Hindu radicals participated in the attack on the Christians and a vehicle the Christians had hired for the evening festivities.

The attack started when the Hindu radicals surrounded the vehicle and claimed the Christians were attempting to forcefully convert people to Christianity by singing Christmas carols. The radicals then smashed the vehicle's windows and dragged the Christians out into the street where they were beaten severely.

Pastor Nayak and four other were severely injured as the radicals used sticks and clubs to punish their victims for singing Christmas carols. Pastor Nayak, who was for focal point of the radicals' rage, collapsed, unconscious, covered in blood. When the attack was over, Pastor Nayak was taken to a local clinic where he received first aid. After receiving first aid, doctors referred the pastor to a hospital, as his condition was critical and in need of greater medical attention. Along with Pastor Nayak, four other Christians were shifted to the hospital for medical attention as well.

Pastor Nayak, his wife and son were among those severely injured and have been referred to an intensive care unit in a hospital in Hyderabad. The radicals, who attacked the Christians and accused them of forcible conversions, brought a media crew to the place where they attacked the Christians to show other communities that caroling will not be tolerated this year. This action has shocked many in the local Christian community....

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