Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Paramour Coffee) Where is the best coffee in the Manhattan-KSU-Ft. Riley Kansas Area?

Paramour Coffee is located in.......Wamego! I used to drive to Lawrence (heh) to the Merc to get their amazing brew.
 However, those who want to save the trip and find something exquisite:

You will find expertise, perfect hospitality, and most important, the satisfying taste you might barely remember... If you ever had coffee roasted by Alfred Peet  or  Sal Bonavita, the founding roasters of the specialty coffee industry, and who mentored the brewmaster of Paramour, Jim Hovind.

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Jim Hovind, the gracious host and master roaster at Paramour, will talk about single-origin, fair trade organic, and blends...
click on the pic above for web and facebook contact info.

MOBILE:  785.213.8623
[history, pics, and more:

(and 'the help' is smart, pretty and fine as well...)

sunrise over wamego

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