Sunday, August 14, 2016

Desecration of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary in Oklahoma

A Pedophile has organized a satanic mass and a ritual to attempt to desecrate the Blessed Virgin Mary--to take place in a public building in Oklahoma on Monday, August 15th, the Feast of the Assumption of Mary.

Since Mary and Jesus are about love, this is strangely sad, and exposes evil.

"...has scheduled a ticketed event at the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall, which is run by the city government.

The event involves the attempted corruption of a plaster statue of the Virgin Mary using sulfur, menstrual blood, and the ashes of desecrated and burned pages of the Koran. It involves the consumption of a pig's heart and the "entrapment" of the Virgin Mary in a ritual triangle, in an attempted parody of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The statue will be smashed.

Before the ritual, the group will hold a black mass. The black mass, often connected to witchcraft and demonic worship, is a sacrilegious ceremony that invokes Satan and mocks the Mass. It often involves the desecration of the Eucharist, generally by stealing a consecrated host from a Catholic Church and using it in a profane sexual ritual..."

Via Christian News Wire:

"Satanist and registered sex offender Adam Daniels announced that he will invoke Satan through a blasphemous Black Mass followed by a bloody ritual called “The Consumption of Mary,” all performed on city property.

“Every American should oppose this hateful attack against God,” said TFP [Tradition Family Property] Student Action Director John Ritchie, who hopes to collect 200,000 petitions against the Black Mass by the end of the week…"

Since Mary refused God nothing, God refuses her nothing, Her prayers are very powerful; she is called The Refuge of Sinners. Asking the Blessed Virgin Mary for help is a great gift open to everyone.

All good-hearted people are being asked to pray tomorrow, for the salvation of souls.

For more about Mary and Jesus, Click here:

To desecrate Jesus in the Eucharist is a most evil thing. If you believe in mysterious things, supernatural, eternal things, I hope you will never dismiss this as a small thing. 

Very Sad.

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