Thursday, April 22, 2010

Very rainy day sunrise over zeandale

kansas is under cover.
 the rain is good.
when one plants a million seeds, the sprinkler is not enough.
(all is viewed through needs and knowlege and wisdom levels.) 
Seeing with different eyes

The rain how joyfully would be received!
( Michener has written it well--the hunger for a thing makes it so meltingly, thankfully received.
) (Eyes can see as sadly slatternly behavior once richly valued
Like a blind woman eating what is in front of her
Like a man evil as an imp, jumping about and sticking every one he meets.
Eyes red and grinning see their own gaddy escapades as a thing to be proud of(

we  seen things not as they are but as we are?

sunrise over zeandale small poster by mtodd

stoplight in the rain small poster by mtodd

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