Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sweetest German Shorthaired Pointer (More Hogan Update) and New Puppies

German Shorthair Pointers are wonderful.  
Seems once a person has one in the family they will always want another. (large pic Sweetest Hogan at bottom of this post)
more puppy at bottom of page
daily puppy Chester

german shorthair Woodcut

More Hogan below... (click to enlarge.)
These next 5 pics were taken on K-State campus.

at this site, a wide-ranging site which displays with fun, wit and pathos one of the 14 alter ego lives i will never get to lead--i found these two pics:

I can eat happy tonight. I'm late because i could not get off this excellent webplace!

For a very Poignant story (and more pics) about these two: click HERE

Here is Hogan:
Sweetest German Shorthair

Hogan, the sweetest German Shorthair

Hogan, Sweetest German Shorthair

Here's a Mug for ya lick to enlarge!

Sweetest Chocolate Labs: HERE

i received a lot of political pics two years ago. who knew dopgs could read...

Here is more Hogan from The Daily Puppy:


Hogan, The Sweetest German Shorthair

Be a Good Dog.
google images cutie
College girls: get a dog, not a boyfriend for the first four years HERE.

Click on pics to view enlarged

The Calendar: HERE

from the Daily Puppy

mastiff pointer mates HERE

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  1. Check out my GSP and Dalmatian puppies playing together! They are cute together...