Saturday, October 6, 2012

Things I Did Not Take Pictures of

1.   Very early in the morning--
a vulture was atop a pole, not moving a muscle
wings were perfectly outstretched,

 head turned to the side
warming the feathers up in the early morning sun.

Looked like a chevron-shaped top of a totem pole.
now i know that the natives here in flint hills were not stylizing anything--
They were accurately portraying the early morning warm-up.
I have to start getting up waay earlier to get the bird.

flint hills vultures click here

2.   a train came by with eNOURmous blades, one blade on each car. They were wind turbine blades, scores of them, and way bigger than one might imagine. One of the reasons i always have a camera on my person now.

3.   On a quiet country road--
Seven beautiful deer slowly loped in front of my truck, one after the other, as if in carbon-copy slow motion yesterday. I did not reach for the camera, just enjoyed the moment. They were aware that i was waiting for them.
deer alive HERE and in death here

4.  A lovely red-tailed hawk right in front of me was slow to rise
 after a stand-still take-off from the side of the road and
weighed down by a huge rat  --
i had to brake and stop as he made his way back up to the tree with the prey.
i was actually too star-struck to pick up the camera, ready on the seat.
Hawks are here and here and also here
 Look-- it's elvis, jackie o and bigfoot-
yikes-- i forgot my camera...

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