Monday, November 26, 2012

The Unbearable is Bearable

you wonder why you do not die when the heart breaks open.

you wonder that tears do not

how is it possible that there is an unending supply

is it only through tears that the grief does not become poisonous?
fresh like
a running stream
running running washing washing soothing
the healthy grief of the cycle of life

would you have no grief
and no love
would you choose to be a rock for a million years
or a living breathing soul)

please please

1 comment:

  1. the moment when heart is breaking and mind accepts the realness of an event - a vacuum comes in - time stops- we stop breathing in life; because fear (of loss of our tiny furry companion) has entered through unwelcome time warp of which we imagined would never come or rather we know Will come and we can skirt it.. for a time... it is that vacuum of the breath that stills the mind into a blank stunned stopping of our heart... a stare in our eyes - steel eyes- before tears can come and before a true breath can flow into our lungs and light strikes our mind - we either see the one or two directions fate has led: or we climb up in darkness and shout and walk through the evening air - searching for the lost - with whatever faith powers our legs and voice. maybe an Owl or Ducks on a pond make sounds in the darkness and the friend arrives home finding our tears flowing hot and breathing gasps of hope and thankfulness... but in gambling with these gifts- unfortunately- the House has the odds, but we have had the gift of use of her spinning game tables- sparkling light across our hearts and soul. a bit of fur left behind. God has Walked in tiny paws next to us.